Our Programs

LSH’s programs will offer a safe, supportive environment with culturally and linguistically responsive services in our premier programs:

  • Comadres Unidas – Friends United: Women are engaged in individualized counsling and support groups that address unresolved trauma, anxiety and depression resulting from domestic violence. Multiple studies have revealed that individualized counseling and support groups are the gateway to healing and independence.

    LSH’s model for this first step in healing is to offer an environment that honors the love of family by creating community with support groups. Latino culture holds family and spirituality as core and imperative values and often, it is the conflict between these core values and leaving an abusive relationship that holds a victim hostage in an unhealthy and violent relationship.

  • La Fuerza de la Mujer (La Fuerza) – The Strength of a Woman. La Fuerza seeks to build and support independence through self-sufficiency services that include adult education, job services, financial literacy, legal assistance and victims’ rights education.

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