Latina Victim

Abuse of Latina Women

If you are an immigrant in an abusive relationship, you may face unique problems that make it hard to reach out for help. You must know that Immigrants in the US have the right to live life free of abuse. 

Due to the Latina immigration status, abusive partners have other ways to exert power and control over their victims.  It has been documented and researched that the tactics to maintain power and control are as follows:

Isolation: Preventing from learning English or communicating with friends, family or others from their home countries.

Threats: Threatening deportation or withdrawal of petitions for legal status.

Intimidation: Withholding or destroying legal documents or papers needed in this country such as passports, resident cards, health insurance or driver’s licenses.

Manipulation Regarding Citizenship or Residency: Withdrawing or not filing papers for residency; lying by threatening that the victim will lose their citizenship or residency if they report the violence.

Economic Abuse:   Getting the victim fired from their job or calling employers and falsely reporting that the victim is undocumented; or withholding money to create dependence from the abuser

Children: Threatening to hurt children or take them away if the police are contacted.