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Why donate to Latina SafeHouse?

There are numerous social determinants of health that address domestic violence impact:

The increased demand for services among this population increases each year.  There is ample documentation on the impact domestic violence has on the individual as well as families. What is not often documented is the negative impact it has on immigrant women. Report of violence and abuse in the home often go unreported. The effect this has on the woman is devastating and traumatic to the children in the home.

For example the immigrant woman may lack social support as their family is in a distant country and their only means of financial support is their abusive husband.  Additionally, there may be abuse of alcohol and/or drugs which often acerbates the home situation with aggressive behavior.  Fear is common among the women and poses a barrier to seeking assistance.  They are often threatened with deportation or abandonment.

Language and culture play a major role in the psychological abuse with constant reminders that if she leaves then she is breaking up the home and will further cause shame in the family or church.  Lack of education is also prevalent and serves as a means to further impose abuse with threats that no one will believe them or will take them or her children away if reported.

Often the Latina who seeks employment is pressured into giving up their income thus leaving them without any financial support for leaving the relationship.

Your donation will help support the ancillary needs of those seeking assistance; mental health services, transportation, hotel assistance, food and emergency needs for their children and most importantly your support will positively impact their ability to cope – temporary housing, medical assistance, and counseling.

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